(Exhibition ran from 6th until the 8th of November 2009.)

Exhibition view.

Video ‘Living on stage’.

‘Living on stage’, still from video.

Video, 3:40 min, video still
The video showed an installation in an exhibition space. By making use of a voice over, the creation of the installation is explained. The use of color and shape, and the position the sculpture occupied within the installation and in relation to the other objects is discussed.

Excerpt from the script: “…Sculpture 4: The fragility of the sculpture is defined by its dependence on Sculpture 2. It found its balance by leaning on the side of the pink pedestal. Even a small gust of wind can topple it, which makes it sensitive.
(whisper) -Search for a balance between all the objects; look for some contrasts and friction to make it an exciting exhibition to see.-
Sculpture 5: From a visual point of view, this sculpture is a bit of an outsider. It has no direct relationship to any of the other objects.  I slipped in a small flash of colour to create a big impact…”

‘Living on stage’, still from video.

The installation made for the video was uninstalled and displayed as seperate pieces, piled up in a closet. During the show people were allowed to take one of the pieces home.

Performance ‘Six possibilities for a sculpture’.

The performance ‘Six possibilities for a sculpture’ was a short lecture in which Hedwig explained the considerations and doubts about the context of a certain sculpture. It’s a sculpture that had been in her studio for a few months and was used for several projects. Based on a number of events, she gave insight into the roles that the sculpture had so far fulfilled. Besides this, she also put forward potential future possibilities for the sculpture.

View on audience.

Pictures made during the opening by Anjes Gesink.