(Exhibition ran from 6th until the 8th of November 2009.)

Please click here if you attended Nikki Koole’s opening at Galerie Gallery.
Also, check out the report of the opening on Pietmondriaan.com!


Two digital photoframes that show randomly generated group pictures.


The screen is crowded with ‘inhabitants’ and a pile of food. The schematicly drawn inhabitants eat, pee and shit until the food is all gone, after which they die.


A 70’s apartment building. Its virtual residents get up, walk the dog, have breakfast, go to work, get home, have dinner and watch tv. All day, every day.


Installation view in the gallery space.


Schematic drawing.


Apartment building sculpture.

Below you will find recordings of what was shown on the monitors.

Procedural Flat v2.0, 2010 (front | 6x speed)

Procedural Flat v2.0, 2010 (back | 6x speed)

Pictures made during the opening by Anjes Gesink, other pictures by Galerie Gallery.