exercises for weightlessness_the workout

Industrialization is the first religion
that is realistically universal.

Buckminster Fuller

Sara Pape is currently residing in galerie Gallery, Rotterdam. The 6m2 designated art space is the only empty room in the 70m2 apartment. The kitchen is a chemistry lab, the living room is a craft room and decisions are made through the book of changes.
The gallery is situated in the home of Jan Huijben, an artist that invited Sara to intervene in his work- and living space.

Sara tries to uncover immaterial structures that shape society today. Would these structures become visible if her body became invisible?
She approaches this question by inviting people to join collective workouts. The workouts are inspired by the materiality of the crystals made in Jan’s kitchen, and the immateriality of the mystical books on Jan’s book shelves.
The texts promise the reader to become invisible through exercises. And the specific mixture of materials and the correctly applied chemical process allow crystals to appear.

The logic of inversion as a methodology.
The bigger the contradiction the more space there is to explore.

We would like to invite you to the end presentation on June 15th.

*There are still spots available in workouts on June 10,11, 13, 14 and 15, we start at 9am, let us know if you like to join.